Want to do something fun and maybe help the kids at the same time?

Want to do something fun and maybe help the kids at the same time?

Professional golfer Brooks Koepka is running a contest and will select a new charity to help at Christmas. So I asked Maggie and the team to take a few kids to the Nakuru Golf Club and get some snaps. It was the adventure of a lifetime for the children. They got to go for a ride in a van and see a golf course for the first time.

Will you copy and paste the text below and email it to 12daysofbrooksmas@gmail.com by December 19? Will you send this to your family, friends, and golf lovers and ask them to pass it along to Brooks, too?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if this 4-time major champion picked our little champs at Living Stone Global to support?


December 15, 2020

Hi Brooks!

Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. Whether we win this contest or not, you have already given our kids a gift they will never forget. These four children got to get in a van, travel a mile from home to the Nakuru Golf Club (we told ’em Brooks Koepka sent us), and experience a golf course for the first time. It may not sound like much, but for our children, it’s a big deal.

Kenya children at golf course

Just a mile or so from this course is the Gioto dumpsite where our children live. Here’s what home looks like for them. Most of their parents survive by scavenging for whatever they can find to eat or recycle.

Our school is just a 5-minute walk from the dumpsite. If it didn’t exist, many of these children would be scavenging too.

But you can see the 4th graders proudly wearing their uniforms and working on their futures. Our other 200 little ones aren’t in class right now. Kindergarten through the third grade is closed in Kenya due to the Coronavirus.

Since Corona hit in March, we’ve served 860,000 meals to our starving community of 15,000 people. Your gift of $1,200 will help buy 10,900 additional meals.

School opens for all the kids the first week of January, and we’re excited to have them back.

I just got back from spending two weeks there. The reason I traveled was that gang violence has escalated due to the desperate economic conditions. I went to meet with the gangs to see if I could help bring peace. We also formed a community council representing 15,000 people to combine our community’s efforts and bring peace.

We’re a small organization and could use the help. Here’s what we did with $84,184 in donations from 2019.

Thank you so much for your generous heart, and Merry Brooksmas!

PS. If you’d like to connect with one of these children as their sponsor, we’ve got a few hundred cuties available. It’s only $33 a month.  www.livingstoneglobal.org

PSS. Gotta love the Brookmass! Sorry, we misspelled it, but, hey, we’re a primary school at a dumpsite in Kenya, we’re still working on our English skills:)

Dave Hatfield
Founder & Director of Encouragement
Living Stone Global Foundation

Merry Brookmas