Financial Transparency & Accountability

Transparency means you get to see the fine print.

We know you work hard for the money you donate. We’re committed to staying accountable for every dollar and financial decision while showing our progress along the way.

Check out the incredible impact $84,184 of the money you donated in 2019 had on our community. Click here.

Look What You’ve Accomplished


Students in school


Total education hours


Meals served


Community members impacted


Medical patients treated


Covid Masks distributed

Every Donation

100% of your donations go directly to serve the children in our school and community programs.

Our operational costs are covered by private donors, so you can rest knowing your full donation is truly supporting the children who need our help the most. If interested in being a private donor, click here.

  • 100% Access
  • 100% Local Leadership
  • 100% Volunteer Board
  • 100% Community Focus

Be a Part of the Mission

Our community is filled with amazing people from around the world — people like you who are determined, caring and committed to putting love into action. We’ll keep you connected and share all the good that’s taking place so we can celebrate together.